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The Advantages of Choosing a Career in Anesthesiology

June 11, 2012

Today’s medical field offers a variety of options for those interested in a career in healthcare. Specialist Courtney Leddell is one of many healthcare professionals enjoying the benefits of a career in anesthesiology. As Vice President of Consulting Anesthesiology LLC, Courtney Leddell is highly trained in regional anesthesia techniques. Those who have completed the specialized training in anesthesia are in high demand and find plenty of opportunities to expand professionally.

One of the biggest benefits of a career in anesthesiology is mobility. Anesthesiologists are needed all over the world, which means that a career in anesthesiology comes with many opportunities for traveling and living abroad. For those with an inclination for detailed, focused work, anesthesiology provides challenging and rewarding tasks on a daily basis. Anesthesiologists perform some of the most crucial functions during surgeries, and the work itself demands intelligent and composed responses to sudden change.

Anesthesiologists also enjoy a relatively low-stress career that minimally interferes with non-work life. Unlike doctors, anesthesiologists aren’t required to maintain long-term relationships with patients. Anesthesiologists also in general enjoy flexible hours and flexible vacation time.


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