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The Baby Fold Dedicates Itself to Improving Lives of Disabled Children, by Courtney Leddell

November 2, 2012

The Baby Fold, an organization dedicated to helping children, evolved from a home whose mission was housing “deaconesses,” a term that referred to women who performed missionary work as nurses, educators, social workers, evangelists, and administrators.

In 1961, The Baby Fold began a residential program for children with mental disabilities, and in 1966, it began accepting children with emotional disabilities, as well. However, recognizing that being brought up by a family rather than an institution would be better for the children, The Baby Fold began an adoption and foster-care program early in its history.

In addition, special-education services were developed to serve children with disabilities who were residing at The Baby Fold, as well as those who had been adopted by families. These services were first offered in 1971 at the Child Development Center, which was later renamed Hammitt School in 1983 following an expansion. In 2002, Hammitt High School was opened to serve older students with behavioral disabilities and equip them for adult living.

Courtney Leddell, medically trained and Board-Certified in neuroanesthesiology, co-founded two companies. These companies include Golden Horseshoe Security Enterprise and the Glockner Group, LLC. He currently serves as the Vice President of Consulting Anesthesiology, LLC. Courtney Leddell donates to and supports several causes and organizations, including the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Society and two organizations that are dedicated to helping orphans, Catholic Charities and The Baby Fold.


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